Ask Dr. Hoo

When you start taking the time to notice the world around you, your perception shifts. It’s like a scene suddenly coming into focus. Details you never saw before pop out of the background. The world seems brighter, sharper and full of infinite detail.  When those blinders come off, questions are sure to follow, filling up your mind and spilling over your thoughts. Why is the sky blue? What kind of flower is that? Where do birds sleep? How does that beaver not get water up his nose? Once you start, it’s pretty hard to stop.

Questions fuel discovery and discovery fuels more questions and it’s nice to have someone to turn to for answers.

Who’s Dr. Hoo?

That would be me, Heather Hinam, the author of this blog. I was given the name as a joke when I finished my Ph.D. on owls and it stuck. Lately, I’m finding I kind of like it. A scientist by training and an educator by choice, there’s nothing I enjoy more than answering questions and seeing that spark of discovery light up in someone’s eyes. So, I’m turning this page over to you, dear readers. Get out there, explore the natural world, discover things that capture your imagination and send me your questions. I can’t promise you I’ll always have the answer, but with over 15 years experience in natural history and a network of experts I can tap into, I’ll do my best and post the answers on this page. What I can promise, however, is that we’ll have fun learning together.

Ask Dr. Hoo Here:

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